Whitefish Community Foundation Endowment
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Whitefish Community Foundation Endowment

The Whitefish Community Foundation holds a Permanent Endowment Fund with assets of almost $3 Million today. The endowment fund has grown over the years thanks to bequests, gifts of paid up life insurance, planned gifts that helped donors receive a Montana Endowment Tax Credit, outright gifts, and IRA Rollover contributions.

The endowment fund is working for the Foundation today by providing a significant source of funding for both the Foundation’s operations and grant programs. It is because of the endowment fund that the Foundation is able to administer the Great Fish Community Challenge today free of charge to the benefiting nonprofits.

The Permanent Endowment Fund offers the Community Foundation a source of sustainable funding that will last for generations to come and help the Foundation grow and continue to provide programs that really impact our community.

Your gift to the Whitefish Community Foundation’s Permanent Endowment Fund will go a long way in benefiting our community both today and for generations to come.
Contact us to make a gift of appreciated securities, a distribution from your IRA for your RMD, a gift to use the Montana Endowment Tax Credit, or to set up a bequest.

DONATE now online

To donate by check send to:

Whitefish Community Foundation
PO Box 1060
214 2nd Street W, Suite 1
Whitefish, MT 59937