Spotlight on the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation

Trail Work - Before and After

Trail Work – Before and After

If all of the trails in The Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex were laid out end to end they could form a trail long enough to connect Helena, Montana to Washington D.C. Every six years, through the cooperation of the U.S. Forest Service, partner groups, individual volunteers and generous donors the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation (BMWF) maintains enough trail to cover that entire distance. The Bob is loved by many- from hikers to elk hunters to horse packers -without consistent hard work of the Forest Service and volunteers each year, the trails, wilderness opportunities and natural quality would be steadily lost.


This July BMWF is offering a Legacy Pack Trip to support of their work in the Bob. Thanks to an incredibly generous donation from Snowy Springs Outfitters 100% of the proceeds from this July 18-22 trip will be used as a charitable donation to the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation Endowment Fund held at the Whitefish Community Foundation. The trip will head up Morrison Creek to a base camp at Scott Lake. From this lovely camp day trip possibilities abound including incredible fishing at nearby streams and Flotilla Lake, rides to Schafer Meadows, hikes to one of the neighboring peaks and, of course, there is always the option of staying in camp with a good book and a view. For more information on this trip contact Jenny Cloutier at, or call the BMWF office at 406.387.3808.


Boy Scout Troop #17 at Long Creek

Boy Scout Troop #17 at Long Creek

In addition to this unique offering BMWF has expanded its project offering to forty “volunteer vacations” throughout the Wilderness Complex this summer and fall.Projects clear trails, restore heavily used areas, maintain historic structures, and fight noxious weeds in locations throughout the Wilderness Complex’s five ranger districts. Half of these projects are for individual volunteers and one quarter of the projects are provided for youth. Volunteers participate in extended backcountry trips that give back to the wilderness and for some it is a life changing experience. Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation outings add deeper meaning to a wilderness adventures, by allowing people to give back to this special place that means so much to so many.


BMWF Foundation’s season kick-off event celebrating National Trails Day (NTD) is June 7th. This perennially popular project will help open and improve the beautiful Stanton Lake and Rescue Basin Trails.A long-standing celebration of America’s magnificent trail system and its countless supporters and volunteers, National Trails Day is celebrated in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Activities begin at 8 a.m. at the Hungry Horse Ranger Station. Volunteers will spend the day clearing logs and brush from the Stanton Lake and Rescue Basin Trails and help in restoring the wild in Wilderness by removing duplicate fire rings and dispersed campsites. After a day on the trail participants are invited to join in the BMWF volunteer appreciation celebration at the Hungry Horse Ranger Station from 4-6 p.m., with food and refreshments provided by the Foundation. Volunteers are still needed, and registration is required, to help out with these well loved Great Bear Wilderness trails.