Whitefish Community Foundation | Spotlight on a Nonprofit – Whitefish Legacy Partners
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Spotlight on a Nonprofit – Whitefish Legacy Partners

Spotlight on a Nonprofit – Whitefish Legacy Partners

Haskill Match Challenge
Whitefish Legacy Partners has impacted thousands of acres through community-driven conservation and recreation projects. The Whitefish Trail consists of 36 miles of natural surface trails, 11 trailheads, and is Whitefish’s window into conservation, recreation, and outdoor education.
Vision 2020:Close the Loop aims to complete the Whitefish Trail around Whitefish Lake by year 2020 and will connect these Places Worth Protecting.

Outdoor recreation, local conservation, and the Whitefish Trail system strengthens our local businesses and increases property values by boosting local spending, the tourism industry, and our overall ecological vibrancy. A dynamic economy and healthy lifestyle make Whitefish a desirable place to live and visit.
Vision 2020: Close the Loop is a challenging undertaking and a major investment.  Whitefish Legacy Partners has secured significant grants from federal, state, and private sources.  Funds from additional sources will be required to make this project a success.  Phase 1 of Close the Loop will be the Haskill Basin area which is the eastern gateway to the Whitefish Trail.  It will include 5.5 miles of multi-use trail connecting downtown Whitefish to Whitefish Mountain Resort. The Haskill Basin project will include:

  • 1 ‘park-style’ trailhead with picnic tables, quiet seating areas, and education kiosks easily accessed from the Wisconsin Avenue bike path on Reservoir Road
  • 1 trailhead on Big Mountain Road providing both summer recreation and winter access to existing, groomed XC trails
  • Numerous family-friendly destinations including scenic overlooks, a wetland boardwalk, and incredible views from a pristine wetland and seasonal lake
    Whitefish Legacy Partners has secured $251,300 of the funding for this project and needs to raise $198,700 in matching funds by the end of 2016 in order to begin construction in April of 2017.