Whitefish Community Foundation | Samaritan House – Spotlight on a Nonprofit
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Samaritan House – Spotlight on a Nonprofit

Samaritan House – Spotlight on a Nonprofit

Support Samaritan House in their time of need


Recently the Whitefish Community Foundation became aware that Samaritan House, a homeless shelter and transitional living program in Kalispell, had lost two of it’s major funding sources and was facing a significant budget shortfall. The loss of a large HUD grant will greatly affect the shelter’s ability to meet the needs of the homeless community as they prepare for the winter months.


The Community Foundation was able to work with its donors to put together a $20,000 grant for Samaritan House that will help with a portion of the need, but not all. Executive Director, Chris Krager said that he wants to use the Foundation’s support as an example to encourage others to consider helping out the homeless shelter in its time of need.


The mission of the Samaritan House is to provide shelter and basic needs for homeless people, while fostering self-respect and human dignity. Samaritan House encourages resident’s efforts to find employment and housing.


Samaritan House serves approximately 1,350 local homeless people every year, sheltering around 78 people every night. Programs at Samaritan House have excellent outcomes.  86% of the people served at Samaritan House are no longer homeless when they move on from the shelter compared to 72% as a national standard for other homeless programs.