Private Foundation Services - Whitefish Community Foundation
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Private Foundation Services


Private foundations and donor advised funds each have their unique advantages. However, they can be used together to maximize your charitable goals. Managing all of a private foundation’s requirements can get in the way of the joy of giving. If you would like to free yourself to spend more time on the causes you care about, and gain professional support to oversee your records management, due diligence, and investments, consider using the Whitefish Community Foundation’s private foundation services.


Management Services


We are a resource for private foundations. We provide your back office support, philanthropic consulting, record keeping, and investment expertise. We are known for our flexibility in helping individuals and families achieve their philanthropic goals. Take advantage of our cost-effective management services through several options for private foundations.




  • Convert your foundation into a named advised fund: 
    •  You can roll your private foundation into a Whitefish Community Foundation named advised fund. Your new named advised fund can maintain the same name, identity and charitable goals, and the Community Foundation will help you continue your charitable giving without the burdensome administrative costs, IRS requirements, compliance regulations, and excise tax payments associated with a private foundation.


  • Donate your private foundation’s annual 5 percent required payout:
    • If you have trouble meeting your annual 5 percent payout requirement, Whitefish Community Foundation can assist you with meeting this requirement. The Whitefish Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, 509(a)(1) and your contribution to the Community Foundation is a qualifying distribution. Your private foundation can make one grant to the Community Foundation and the contribution can be placed in a donor advised fund. You will continue to make recommendations on grants to your selected charities. Turnaround time on grant payments is just as fast as if you were writing the check from your private foundation. The Community Foundation will handle all your grant distributions, record keeping, due diligence, and investments. We can customize your giving to your needs.