Whitefish Lake Institute

Use of Funds: This will fund Watershed Restoration 64, a program to address actionable projects that improve water quality in the Whitefish community.

Mission Statement: Founded in 2005, the Whitefish Lake Institute is committed to science, education, and community stewardship to protect and improve Whitefish Lake and Whitefish area water resources today, while providing a collective community vision for tomorrow.

Project Detail:

In the 2016 Whitefish Area Water Resources Report: A Status of the Whitefish Lake Watershed, WLI published a Watershed Restoration Plan Task Table. The table identified 64 water quality improvement tasks to be addressed by federal, state, and local entities to ensure long-term human, economic, and environmental health of the Whitefish community. Program funds will support WLI’s efforts to conduct research, develop educational programs, and facilitate projects that engage community leaders and project partners to drive these tasks toward completion. Addressing these tasks poises the community to protect and improve water quality for the long term health of Whitefish.