Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation

Use of Funds: BMWF coordinates volunteer service projects that preserve recreational opportunities, fish, and wildlife in The Bob, Montana's most treasured landscape.

Mission Statement: The Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation connects Americans with their wilderness heritage by providing access to and stewardship of one of the world's most spectacular places –Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. We help hundreds of hard-working volunteers, including youth, develop a land ethic and give back to the wilderness...

Project Detail:

The stewardship services that BMWF coordinates are invaluable to the Wilderness recreational community including hunters, angler, hikers, backpackers, horsemen, and packers.  Each year BMWF engages an average of 350 volunteers, ages 12 to 80, in conservation projects that restore trails and habitat and have far reaching conservation impacts for fish and wildlife.  BMWF is helping to raise the next generation of conservation leaders through Wilderness Internship and Packer Apprentice Programs.  Projects invoke a sense of pride for Montana’s most treasured landscape and both youth and adult volunteers have life changing experiences.