Nonprofit Dashboards
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Nonprofit Dashboards

piechartNonprofit leaders can increase their board of directors’ understanding of the organization’s operations, fundraising, and programs by putting together a dashboard on a monthly or quarterly basis.



A dashboard is made up of charts, graphs, and leader boards. It can help paint the overall picture of your operations:

  1. It can help nonprofit boards understand where program revenue comes from and what percent of the operating budget it encompasses
  2. It can tell the story of your programs with graphs to show what percent of the community you serve
  3. It can show how successful a fundraiser is with charts for income and expense
  4. It can provide an easy way to review the financials, operations, and investments for your organization

There are many ways to use a dashboard. Here are some examples.

Components of a Nonprofit Dashboard Power Point Presentation, February 21, 2017
Daria Perez, Vice President – Finance

Library of Sample Dashboard Indicators

Models and Components of a Great Dashboard