How it works
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How it works

With a single gift made during the Great Fish Challenge giving period July 12 through September 16, 2016, donors contribute to any number of local charities using the official donor form or through the online donation portal. The donor will write in the name of the organization(s) and the exact gift amount for each group they choose on that form. Those nonprofits will receive 100% of all designated gifts, as well as a percentage matching grant from the Whitefish Community Foundation. The Great Fish Match Fund will start out at $200,000 for the 2016 Challenge and go up from there.

After all gifts have been recorded and acknowledged, the Community Foundation calculates the match percentage based on the total amount in the Great Fish Fund relative to the total amount of designated contributions, up to $15,000 for each organization. All eligible participating organizations receive the same percentage match on the first $15,000 in designated contributions they raise.  The final match percentage will be announced at the Awards Party October 10,  2016. The 2015 match percentage was 53%.

There is no fee to participate. The Whitefish Community Foundation will cover all marketing, advertising, printing, tax receipts, Color Run Event and administrative costs.