Major Challenge Grant to Whitefish Legacy Partners


Whitefish Community Foundation Board of Directors presented 
a $100,000 Challenge Grant to the Whitefish Legacy Partners 
for the Beaver Lakes Conservation Project. 
Major Grant Award -A Challenge to the Community!

The Whitefish Community Foundation is pleased to announce that a Challenge has been offered to the Whitefish Legacy Partners of $100,000! WLP is very close to finishing the campaign for the Beaver Lakes Conservation Easement. The Challenge requires WLP to raise $100,000, which will then be matched with a grant of $100,000 from the Community Foundation’s Major Grant program. Of the matching funds, Whitefish Community Foundation will contribute $25,000 and the Community Foundation Board of Directors are putting up the other $75,000 of the Challenge. This is a very significant challenge put together by the Community Foundation. With the Foundation Board support we really hope to impact Whitefish Legacy’s fundraising goal.

 This challenge is as much for the citizens of the Whitefish community as it is for WLP. Right now, WLP has $285,000 left to raise for the final payment to the state of Montana to keep 1,500 acres of pristine forest and recreational land permanently protected forever. Reaching this Challenge will leave them with $85,000 or less to raise by December 31st. Let’s help them finish this!

For the past six years, WLP has been working on conservation and stewardship of the school trust lands. Their work benefits everyone in Whitefish, not just the recreational trail system WLP developed that thousands of people use every year, but also the watershed protection, fire protection, open spaces and conservation work.

It is an incredible asset the Whitefish Legacy Partners staff, Board of Directors and philanthropist Michael Goguen have developed for Whitefish citizens and visitors to enjoy for years to come. Help Whitefish Legacy finish the campaign and receive the matching grant from the Community Foundation by making your gift today. Visit Whitefish Legacy Partners website or call 406-862-3880 for more information.