Legacy Funds
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Leave a lasting legacy and be remembered for it.

A Legacy Fund is a charitable tool that allows you to set up a bequest to your community to direct your gift to the nonprofits that are aligned with your interests and passions. A Legacy Fund is a designated endowment fund that allows your gift to make annual distributions from your named fund in perpetuity. It is a wonderful way for you to leave a legacy to your community and be remembered for it.

You can set up a bequest in your will with your legal advisor to your  named Legacy Fund. Simply complete the Fund Agreement paperwork with the Community Foundation so that we have your designated charities in place. If you decide to change the designated charities down the road you simply need to update your agreement with the Community Foundation. There is no cost to you to set up your fund. Your Donor Advised Fund can also be set up to transfer to a Legacy Fund.

Set up your Legacy Fund today. Call Linda Engh-Grady at 406-863-1781

Legacy Fund Package 2018

Legacy Fund Confirmation Form