Investment Options - Whitefish Community Foundation
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Investment Options

Investment Pools

Whitefish Community Foundation offers a choice of four investment pools designed to meet your giving time horizons. Fund advisors may allocate a Donor Advised Fund to one or more pools. Community Foundation staff will work with our investment management advisors at the Mason Investment Advisory Services to maintain your fund’s investment pool allocation through regular monthly re-balancing. Pool allocations may be changed once per year or upon a significant change in charitable goals or time horizon. For additional detail, click on the name of each investment pool in the table below.   Invested funds are charged a low investment fee currently 37 basis points. For a current performance report, contact us. 

time horizon 10 or more years

77% equity, 22% fixed income, 1% cash

Long-term capital growth
  • Cash

  • Equity

  • Fixed Income

time horizon 5 or more years

51.5% equity, 46.5% fixed income, 2% cash

Balanced mixture of safety, income, and capital appreciation
  • Cash

  • Equity

  • Fixed Income

time horizon 1 to 3 years or more

Combination of fixed income, cash, and cash equivalent

Preservation of Principal
  • Cash

  • Short Term Reserves

  • Fixed Income

time horizon 1 year or less

Combination of money market, certificates of deposit, and other liquid short term securities.

Stability of Principal
  • Cash

  • Short Term Reserves

  • Certificates of Deposit

Whitefish Community Foundation is not engaged in rendering legal, financial, or tax advice. Information in our publications and on our website is provided as a service to provide general information about charitable giving. Many topics related to charitable giving have complexities and nuances that cannot be adequately detailed in brief articles or announcements. Individuals’ personal situations may vary. Please consult your financial or legal advisor. If you would like to report discrepancies with information presented, please contact us at contact@whitefishcommunityfoundation.org


Individually Managed Funds with the Outside Investor Program

Professional advisors know their clients and have spent years working toward their clients financial goals. With an Individually Managed Fund at Whitefish Community Foundation, donors can continue to receive investment management expertise from advisors they have built relationships with while enjoying the philanthropic support from the Whitefish Community Foundation.

For advised funds of $1 million or more, donors may recommend a trusted investment advisor to manage the funds they donate to Whitefish Community Foundation to establish a Donor Advised Fund.

Is an Individually Managed Fund right for you? Learn More.

Donors formally initiate the process of establishing an Individually Managed Fund by recommending an investment advisor of their choice to manage a Donor Advised Fund with assets of $1 million or more. Once approved, advisors work with Whitefish Community Foundation and develop an investment allocation customized to their clients’ investment preferences and time horizon, with the goal of growing the assets available for philanthropy.

Our professional staff will handle all the grants administration and processing so donors can focus on their charitable passions. We provide opportunities to connect with other donors and we connect you with projects and programs that fit your charitable interests, plus we let you know if there is an area that needs your support. You will have 24/7 online access to review your fund and recommend grants from anywhere you are located. The result is a highly personalized and rewarding philanthropic experience for both advisors and our donors.

Whitefish Community Foundation’s investment committee and staff qualifies recommended advisors after reviewing the advisor’s credentials and proposal for investment policy, asset allocation, investment selection and fees. Alternative investments such as private equity and hedge funds will also be considered on a case-by-case basis.

To learn more about our Individually Managed Fund program, please contact Linda Engh-Grady or Daria Perez at 406-863-1781 or email.