Immediate Micro Grants provide quick response to unexpected needs

Samaritan House

Samaritan House Homeless Shelter

Nonprofit organizations live on a shoestring and have learned to adapt to having limited funds.  So when the heating system fails, or the elevator quits working or the lease for office space is terminated what do they do?  Those are not expenses that the organization planned or budgeted.  What if a project that was planned experienced unexpected complications or expenses and the organization needs money now, not six months from now to complete the project?

These types of situations are what prompted the Whitefish Community Foundation to begin a new grant program in 2013.  The Immediate Micro Grant Program was designed in order to help nonprofits with unexpected, immediate and emergency needs. This important new program has the ability to reach the nonprofits on a monthly basis and provide quick help when it is required.

The program is very different from the Community Grant Program which was established to help with program service funding, capital expenses, scholarships and operational expenses. The Immediate Micro Grant Program has a very short application and a quick turnaround but grants are generally smaller depending on the situation and range from $500 to $1000 unless it constitutes a real emergency.

In 2013 the Micro Grant Program helped with lead abatement, nonprofit office relocation, elevator repair, and just recently, a $1,700 grant to the Samaritan House to repair the boiler during the cold month of December. The program will continue in 2014 to answer the need for those unplanned events that can affect a nonprofits ability to serve our community. For more information about the new grant program please visit the Foundation’s website at or call 406-863-1781.