Whitefish Community Foundation | Great Fish Challenge Match Fund
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Support the Great Fish Challenge MATCH!

The Great Fish Community Challenge Match Fund is comprised of gifts from generous individuals that see the value of philanthropy because of what it can do to change lives. The Great Fish Community Challenge embodies the spirit of philanthropy and is inspiring our community to give.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Great Fish Match

What is the Match Percentage and How is It Calculated?

The percentage varies annually and is based on the total amount of match money raised and the total amount of designated contributions. The first $20,000 of each nonprofit’s designated gifts are eligible for matching, and in recent years, the matching grant on these gifts has been approximately 48% to 55%. The percentage of the Match will not be known until the campaign is over and the Match is calculated.  All eligible participating organizations receive the same percent of matching dollars on the first $20,000 in designated contributions they raise.

How are the Funds Distributed?

One hundred percent of the contributions are distributed to nonprofits designated by donors (subject to the Community Foundation’s variance power) along with a percentage matching grant on the first $20,000 raised on their behalf. A nonprofit must raise a minimum of $5,000 to receive a percentage match.

Who Provides the Matching Funds

Whitefish Community Foundation starts the Match with $200,000. This initial money comes from the Circle of Giving. The Match fund grows as more individuals give to the Circle and as more individuals give directly to the Great Fish Match Fund.

How Can You Help?

Make a gift to the Great Fish Community Challenge Match Fund. By making your gift to the Match, or joining the Circle of Giving you will help to inspire more individuals to give during the Challenge. Because the Match Fund is integral to the success of the Great Fish Community Challenge, you can make a gift at anytime during the year.  Your gift of any amount will help the Whitefish Community Foundation match each gift that is made through the Great Fish Community Challenge.




  • Anonymous (2)
  • AGL Foundation
  • Teri and Jeff Allen
  • Carol and Richard Atkinson
  • Julie and Summerfield Baldridge
  • Sharon and Dean Baltzell
  • Cindy and Mogens Bay
  • Betsy and Bill Bayne
  • Dolores and James Beightol
  • Mary Ann and William Bindley
  • Sandy and Dick Boyce
  • Broussard Charitable Foundation
  • Rockwood Brown, In memory of Marilyn Brown
  • Dorothy and Luther Campbell
  • Eileen Bocci Campbell
  • Janice and Jim Case
  • Karen and Nick Chickering
  • Jane Kollmeyer and Terry Chute
  • Anne and John Collins
  • Linda Cornutt
  • Debbie and Robert Douglas
  • Barbara and Mike Gallagher
  • Kathy and Greg Garrison
  • Caeli Quinn and Denny Gignoux
  • Cheryl Watkins and Richard Gordon

  • Colleen and Peter Grant
  • Sarah and John Graves
  • Cindy and Joe Gregory
  • Jes and John Hagale
  • Graham Hairston
  • Mary Lloyd and Richard Harding
  • Stephanie and Fred Harman
  • Mary Ann and Fred Hawkins
  • Shannon and Brian Haycox
  • Patty and Bob Hayes
  • Kristin and Gregory Hetzer
  • William Howard
  • Ila B Dousman Fund
  • Iron Horse Foundation
  • Barbara and Mike Jenson
  • Ann and Paul Jeremiassen
  • Maureen and John King
  • John Kramer
  • Mignon and Jay Latimer
  • Sherry and Dave Lesar
  • Linda and Chalres Maetzold
  • Allison and Rick Magnuson
  • Jan Mayo
  • Maureen and Marlin McKeever
  • Lori Miller
  • Ellen and Matt Moran

  • Barbara Morris
  • Rosie and Myron Noble
  • Allison and Doug O’Briant
  • Teresa and Tom Quinn
  • Nikki and Doug Reed
  • Sue and Hank Ricklefs
  • Karen and Ron Rosenberg
  • Leanne Schlinger
  • Stacy Schlinger
  • Shirley and Mark Schmidt
  • Janna and Jamie Shennan
  • Carole and Roger Spragg
  • Lisa and Alan Stinson
  • Nancy and Dave Stokes
  • Jill and Jim Stroud
  • Linda and Andrew Viens
  • Lori and Robb Voyles
  • Dorie and Bill Walton
  • Boots and Alan Warrick
  • Linda and Stephen Wendfeldt
  • Byrdie and Ken Wessels
  • Ardy and Steve Whisler
  • Judy and Dave Williams
  • Mary and Hal Williamson
  • Bet and Doug Wise
  • Susan and John Witt


Thank you to the following donors for giving to the Great Fish Community Challenge Match Fund benefiting all 50 charities!

  • Susan and Charles Abell
  • Abruzzo Italian Kitchen
  • Kathy and Lin Akey
  • Kim and Rob Akey
  • Anonymous (4)
  • Susan Arneson
  • Julie and Summerfield Baldridge
  • Charlene and Steven Barasch
  • Pamela and Joseph Barberis
  • Amy Thompson Beale and Paul Beale
  • Caryl and Bob Bennett
  • Barbara Boorman
  • Mary and Ronald Carrie
  • Linda Chauner
  • Erin and Michael Chester
  • Collier Concepts
  • Diane Conradi
  • Deidre and Tim Corson
  • Stacy and Michael Covey
  • Elizabeth Cox
  • Wendy Coyne
  • Lyndel Cubberley
  • Katherine Curtis
  • Frances and David Dittman
  • Lynnette and Mark Donaldson
  • Brenda and John Dulski
  • Lynn and Bennett Dykstra
  • Sarah and Dave Ericson
  • Jennifer and John Flink
  • Marilyn and Larry Fox
  • Keirsten Giles
  • Glacier Bank

  • Wanda Good
  • Linda Engh-Grady and Dave Grady
  • Cameron Blake and Alexander W. Gray III
  • Irene and James Groschupf
  • Dianne and Larry Grove
  • Robert Grunst
  • Sue and Tom Harding
  • Kathi and John Hartlieb
  • Lori and Tom Heatherington
  • Anne Darling and John Hoagland
  • Linda and Russell Hobbs
  • Kathryn Neff and Chris Holdhusen
  • Melissa Hulvat
  • Imagination Station Toys
  • Barbara and Mike Jenson
  • Catherine and Rodney Juno
  • Lesia and Philip Kirk
  • Catherine and Rich Kraft
  • Katy and Joseph Krezowski
  • Marylane Pannell and Richard Kuhl
  • Paul Lamb
  • Benny Lawrence
  • Albert Liston
  • Debra and Jim Marsh
  • Swithin McGrath and Ron Matelich
  • Abby Grace McGowan
  • Maureen and Marlin McKeever
  • JeanAnne Swope and Jim Mechem
  • Rhona and Jerry Meislik
  • Grete Bansauer and Zachary Miller
  • Montana Coffee Traders
  • Carol and Karl Moody

  • Thomas A. Moran
  • Frances Montanye and Alan Myers-Davis
  • Kayla and Stefan Nickells
  • Northwest Imaging, PC
  • Norwest Delivery, Inc.
  • NxGen Payment Services
  • Robin Paone
  • C. Reynolds and L. Peterson
  • Lonnie Porro
  • Dawn and Duane Reisch
  • Beth and John Repke
  • Suzy Riley-Elliott
  • Charlene Rygg
  • Alan Satterlee
  • Hilary and Tim Shaw
  • Susan and Roger Sherman
  • Mary Sloan
  • Bonnie and Will Smith
  • Donald Standing
  • Teresa and Warren Stark
  • Dave Stewart
  • Nancy and Mark Svennungsen
  • Gail Cleveland and Bruce Tannehill
  • Third Street Market
  • Nancy Woodruff and Steve Thompson
  • Tupelo Grille
  • Bernadette Duperron and Shawn Watts
  • Daniel White
  • Nancy Zant