Endowment Funds
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Permanent Endowment Funds

Give the Gift of Sustainability

Nonprofit organizations and individuals can establish an endowment fund at the Whitefish Community Foundation to help build essential program funding and long-term charitable giving. These funds offer the nonprofits a simple and efficient way to work with donors to build an endowment and create long-term sustainability. The endowment fund provides annual support for the work of a local nonprofit.

 Whitefish Community Foundation can help donors take advantage of the Montana Charitable Endowment Tax Credit. Call Linda Engh-Grady to learn more about endowed giving. 406-863-1781

Families, individuals, and corporations can open Permanent Endowments to benefit causes they care about in perpetuity. A fund can be opened in a family or business name to help establish a legacy of giving that can be carried out over several generations. Distributions from the fund are made each year based on the fund advisor’s directions. The Community Foundation establishes the amount the fund can distribute each year based on the Spending Policy.

Donors make a gift directly to the Whitefish Community Foundation designated to a nonprofit endowment fund. Whitefish Community Foundation will send you your tax substantiation letter. Gifts of appreciated securities are also accepted. Contact us for more information.

Call us to learn more about permanent endowment funds.

We can help you select the type of fund that best aligns with your charitable interest and time horizon.


Ready to get started?

Download and review the Agency Endowment or Donor Advised Endowment Fund Agreements Here:
You can make a gift online right now to one of the many permanent endowment funds listed below.

Endowment development can propel struggling agencies to increase their capacity, raise the level of donor participation, and enable an annual source of support.  Endowments provide a revenue source that is dependable for a sustainable future.