Emergency Grant Guidelines
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Emergency Grant Guidelines


The Whitefish Community Foundation (the “Foundation”) provides immediate micro-grants to address emergency needs.  Emergency Grants fund projects, programs or repairs that must be immediately addressed or they will prevent the applying nonprofit organization from operating.

Please note, as the person completing this application, you will be the contact person regarding this Grant. If you do not wish to be the Grant Contact for this application, the person designated as the Grant Contact must create their own User Account and complete this application. 


  • To be eligible for funding, an organization must be a 501 (C) 3, government entity, or other IRS recognized charitable entity providing services to residents of Whitefish, Montana.  Tax exempt status must exist, and will be verified by the Foundation at time of application. A copy of the organization’s official I.R.S. Determination Letter is required for first-time applicants.
  • Nonprofits are not required to be located in Whitefish, but they do need to provide a service that benefits the city of Whitefish and/or the residents of the greater Whitefish area.
  • The Community Foundation recognizes there are nonprofits in communities surrounding Whitefish providing crucial health and human services. If your organization falls into this category, please submit a grant application, and the Grants Committee will review and consider your request.

Available Funds: Grants for up to $2,000 will be considered. Additional funding may be considered at the discretion of the Grants Committee.

What kinds of projects are appropriate for an emergency grant request?
Projects or situations requiring immediate attention because if  left unaddressed, they will prevent the nonprofit from operating and fulfilling their mission.

Projects that request funding for recurring expenses, travel expenses, general operating expenses, routine maintenance, or grants that have been previously funded by the Community Foundation or, projects requesting funding more than once within a twelve-month period are not permitted or eligible and are discouraged. A request for computer equipment will be considered if it is a true emergency.

Although the Emergency Grant Program Evaluation Committee reviews each application separately, it generally does not consider grants for:

*Organizations outside Flathead County


*Deficits or retirement of debt

*Programs or projects promoting a religious doctrine

*Political campaigns or projects/programs promoting a political agenda

*Conduit organizations, i.e., organizations or events that pass funds to other organizations

*Seed money for projects or programs not yet started, or for projects or programs that are completed or conducted prior to the grant award date
*Event sponsorships