Donor Advised Funds Vs. Private Foundations
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Donor Advised Funds Vs. Private Foundations

 A Donor Advised Fund offers many of the benefits of a private foundation without the added expenses and administrative burdens.

• Your Fund can be invested and it will earn tax free investment earnings.

• We do all the record keeping for you and there is no 990 to file.

• No minimum annual distribution to meet unlike a private foundation.

• You are recognized for your grant recommendations or you are able to remain anonymous unlike a private foundation where you must disclose your grants on your form 990.

• Just like a private foundation, you are able to set-up successor advisors on your fund and include your children in your family philanthropy.


• Engage in family giving services – participate in family discussions and activities with Whitefish Community Foundation facilitators to create a family mission statement and philanthropic plan. A one page Fund History can be included with each of the grants to inform the grantee about the fund family history.


• You are eligible for a tax deduction upon receipt of your donation into the account.

• Avoid capital gains by donating long-term appreciated assets such as public or privately held stock, real estate, mutual funds and life insurance into the account.

• Decide the timing of your grants to charity – there is no requirement to advise a grant from the account in a given year.


• Take advantage of our philanthropic services. Tell us what you want to accomplish or what you care about – we’ll help you focus your resources to make the most impact.

• Keep updated on local and regional news that’s relevant to your interests and passion.