Charitable Funds – A Smart Way to Manage Giving

What is a Charitable Fund? A flexible, tax-smart way to manage your giving.  Open a donor-advised fund at the Whitefish Community Foundation to help achieve your philanthropic goals and realize many benefits.

Flathead Cancer Aid

Flathead Cancer Aid

If you regularly give a modest amount to multiple charities each year, a Whitefish Community Foundation donor-advised fund is a simple and tax-smart way to direct your charitable giving. Call us today to open your donor-advised fund.  It is very easy and you will be glad you did.

In 2014, grants from advised fund programs totaled just over $5,285,000!


With a donor-advised fund, you can do the following:

  • Contribute cash or appreciated assets and receive an immediate tax benefit for your contribution this year.
  • Receive and track one tax receipt.
  • Recommend grants to multiple charities right from your computer and let the Community Foundation take care of all the check writing for you.
  • Plan your charitable giving over a period of months or years, allowing you to separate your tax-oriented giving from your granting decisions.
  • Recommend an investment pool for your donation where any growth is tax free.
  • Simplify your giving by letting us handle all the due diligence, grant distribution and record keeping.
  • Give yourself privacy in your giving wherever you need and want it.
  • Give to a charity today while building a legacy for tomorrow.