Beat the Economy with Smarter Giving

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It always feels good when you give to a cause you love. It feels even better when your plans help your bottom line as you help others. Many people limit their possibilities by thinking of “giving” as sending cash or writing a check to charity. Giving can be much more. With taxes going up, it is especially important to be smart with your plans. Here are some ideas for you to consider that can provide you with tax and income benefits.

    • Gifts of real property can provide you with a charitable tax deduction to offset this year’s taxes and capital gains tax savings on the sale of your property.
    • If you no longer need or want that car, boat, plane or jewelry, you can receive a charitable deduction for your gift to us.
    • With capital gains tax rates rising, a gift of stock is more attractive than ever as a way to save taxes.
    • Gifts of life insurance and retirement assets can provide you with valuable income and estate tax savings.


There are numerous ways that you can make a difference for our mission that have little or no impact on your lifestyle. Ask us about how to create a plan that provides you with tax benefits today and a future legacy.


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