Whitefish Community Foundation | A Year in Review – 2016
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A Year in Review – 2016

A Year in Review – 2016

To view Prezi, see instructions below.

Getting Started:
1. Click “Start Prezi” and wait a moment for it to load.
2. Navigate forward and backward through the Year in Review with the arrows below the presentation.
3. Click on text, photos, or videos to zoom in.
4. To zoom out again, click an arrow to resume the presentation.

Helpful Tips:
1. For the best experience, use full screen mode by clicking on the button at the bottom right.
2. If you hover your cursor over the right edge of the presentation, you’ll see buttons to zoom in, zoom out, or restart the Year in Review.
3. You can use your keyboard arrow keys to go forward or backward through the Year in Review.
4. Click and hold to drag the screen and explore the timeline on your own. 5. The scroll wheel of your mouse also works to zoom in and out.

If You’re Viewing on an iPhone/iPad: You will need to download the free Prezi app.