Whitefish Community Foundation | Nonprofits News and Important Dates
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Nonprofits News and Important Dates

Nonprofits News and Important Dates

Whitefish Community Foundation is A Resource for Nonprofits

The Community Grant Program has long been a major source of funding for over 70+ nonprofits each year. Due to the addition of the Great Fish Community Challenge to our grant programs, we are moving the annual Community Grant Program to a winter application and grant awards will be announced in the spring.

This move will require us to regroup and offer the program again in early 2017.

We know this will be an adjustment for some of the smaller nonprofits. Please be aware that the Immediate Micro Grant program is available for groups that face an unexpected and immediate need as well as small requests. The application is available on the Foundation’s website and applications are reviewed monthly.

If your organization experiences an unexpected or emergency need, be sure to contact the Foundation about the possibility of an Immediate Micro Grant.

Nonprofits that are thinking of building an Endowment Fund to help sustain their organization in the years to come, will want to learn about our Endowment Fund matching grant program.

Important Reminders for Fiscal Responsibility
Don’t forget about these upcoming IRS deadlines.  If you have any questions, please give us a call.
BY February 1st:
  • File Form 941 for the 4th Quarter of 2015
  • Deliver W-2s to all employees receiving pay during 2015
  • File Form UI5 (Unemployment tax) for the 4th Quarter of 2015
  • Deliver 1099 MISC to any independent contractors (Box 7) you paid more than $600 during 2015.  You must also furnish a 1099 MISC to vendors for payments totaling more than $600 for rent (Box 1) or legal services (Box 14).
Helpful Tip:
Try their new online filing through Epass Montana.  It is much easier than their previous WARP system.  If you already have an Epass account for paying your withholding tax, you can just add UI eServices for Employers to your Services.  Sign Up For the EPass.
  • File Form W-3 and Copy A of W-2s with the Social Security Administration.
Helpful Tip:
You can file online by setting up an account with the Social Security Administration at www.ssa.gov/bso .  You can also print copies for your employees from their website.
  • File Form 1096 and 1099 MISCs issued with the Internal Revenue Service.
  •  File Form MW3 Montana Annual Wage Withholding Tax Reconciliation with Copy 1 of Forms W-2 (and 1099 MISC only if any state tax was withheld-an unusual circumstance).

BY APRIL 15th:

  •  File annual corporate report with Montana Secretary of State.  You can file online at www.sos.mt.gov; filing fee is $15.
BY MAY 16th:
  • File Form 990 with the IRS for calendar year filers.  If you use a fiscal year the due date is the 15th day of the 5th month following your year end.  For example a Sept. 30 year end return would be due February 15th.   If you need an extension, file Form 8868 for an additional 3 months to file.  If your gross receipts are normally less than $50,000 you must still file, but you can file the 990-N postcard electronically HERE