Whitefish Wolverines Hockey Club Seeks Volunteer Opportunities

Whitefish will have a new hockey team to cheer for next fall when the Whitefish Wolverines take to the ice at the Stumptown Ice Den. Josh Steel, general manager and president, and head coach Joakim Falt look forward to the higher level of competition in the Western States Hockey League, while offering something new, bold, and fresh to the Whitefish and surrounding community.  The Whitefish Wolverines Hockey Club (WWHC) offers its student-athletes ages 16-20 an opportunity to develop a strong academic and athletic foundation while also focusing on the development of a well rounded young man. The Social Responsibility and Community Service (SRCS) program helps to create model hockey citizens. Community Service Coordinator, Kelly Davidson, will help to coordinate, promote, and supervise community service projects in Whitefish and the FlatheadValley.


It is our hope that the WWHC players, through the SRCS program, will become directly involved with a number of community organizations and charities, including both ongoing commitments and one time events. The variety and scope of the programs we work with through SRCS will provide our student-athletes with an introduction to the myriad of ways to give back and contribute to the fabric of the community. Josh believes that through this incredible program, student-athletes get to know the community, the community becomes more familiar with the students and the team, but perhaps of greatest value, the team builds and develops the concepts of graciousness and gratitude that they will carry with them through their careers and life.


It is also our hope that WWHC leads by example by providing a venue for non profit organizations in this community to share their missions and garner support with logos on printed material, information in the lobby during games or direct communications from leaders in the organization to the community during games or other events. 


Josh hopes to begin developing these relationships immediately and wants to hear from any organizations that are interested in utilizing these young men to provide services to your organization or other community members who are served by your organizations.  We also hope to be included in fundraising events that might benefit from a few extra hands.  The players will arrive in late August and WWHC will hold them to the high standards of academics and community involvement from the first day they arrive until the end of April at the end of their season.  “The players have a busy, rigorous schedule between games, practices, and scheduled classroom time, which means we’ll need some flexibility with our community projects,” Josh stated. Please contact Kelly Davidson via e-mail at kelly@aboutmontana.net  for further information, questions or suggestions.