Whitefish Community Foundation | Whitefish Veterans Support Team Fund
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Whitefish Veterans Support Team Fund

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The Whitefish Veterans Support Team is a donor-based, charitable 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing support and new beginnings for veterans and their spouse/caregivers. They are a small group of Whitefish citizens who are committed to improving the lives of veterans with re-entry into civilian life.

Their mission is to empower injured veterans, caregivers and their families by providing opportunities to build meaningful relationships and engage them in physical and emotionally challenging activities to advance their healing and growth.


  • Engage veterans and caregivers in physically challenging summer and winter retreats in the Flathead Valley.
  • Provide veterans and caregivers with much needed down time and access to fun and appropriate community events.
  • Build meaningful relationships that advance the healing process and encourage veterans to overcome  challenges of readjustment to civilian life.
  • Raise community support to foster awareness and action to aid veterans in their recovery.

Contribute to the Whitefish Veterans Support Team Fund