Whitefish Community Foundation | Whitefish High School Arts and Technology Wing Fund
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Whitefish High School Arts and Technology Wing Fund


Band students in the Arts and Technology Wing.  Temporary acoustic treatments on the walls, such as coffee bags and blankets, were installed originally. In 2015, physics students worked with professionals in the design of the acoustic treatments with the goal of also having industrial technology students assist in construction of the permanent panels for the room.


The 2012 passage of the Whitefish High School construction bond and subsequent building design included a limited scope for the remodeled “D Wing.” The original goal was to improve the existing music classrooms and to create the possibility for future expansion if and when private funds could be raised. Within the 2012 Bond, the allocated budget for the D Wing was approximately $558,000 to cover costs of remodeling the existing music classrooms and to create the ‘unfinished shell’ for future media arts and technology programs and a multi-use space.

However, members of the community felt that the time was right to support the the district’s vision for a completed, state-of-the-art, Performing Arts and Technology Wing at the High School.  Impressed by the district’s sharply focused approach to continuous improvement in leadership and teaching, all for the sake of excellent student learning outcomes, the community  embraced the opportunity to make to make the school’s vision for the Performing Arts and Technology in the D Wing a reality for the 2014-2015 school year.

An ongoing district-community partnership and several months of hard work produced a completely redesigned and state-of-the-art plan for the high school music, media arts, technology, and theater programs, including:

Completely redesigned and truly world-class facilities.
Use of preeminent structural and acoustic consultants during the design phase.
Engineered sound and acoustic integrity for each space (walls, doors, acoustics, HVAC systems).
A broad range of sound isolated practice rooms.
Future-proof wiring in all D Wing spaces, with connectivity to the entire building.
Advanced lighting systems.
Function-specific cabinetry and storage space.
Multi-purpose and media-arts/technology spaces available for a broad range of disciplines.
Full alignment with the districts’ strategic goals.
An expanded, integrated curriculum and the staff preparation (training and new hires) to support it:

  • Music – Choir, Orchestra, Band, Percussion, Jazz, Music Technology, Music Theory.
  • Technology – Programming, GIS, Data Design and Analysis, Digital Design and Production.
  • Theater Arts – Acting, Directing, Performance and Production, Design and Technology.

Several private donors kicked off the fundraising in March of 2014 with over $1 million in donations leaving an additional 1.33 million to be raised for completion of the new Performing Arts and Technology curriculum and the redesign, construction and equipping of the facilities.

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The Arts and Technology Wing was ready for students in the fall of 2014 with an expanded and integrated curriculum.  Funds are still being raised to support ongoing technology and curriculum needs.

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