Tips for Writing Your 2015 Grant

The 2015 Community Grant Application is available now online. Applications are due by June 1, at 3 PM.

When writing your grant please use the following tips to help our Community Impact Committee better understand your project or program when it is reviewed.

  1. Please write your organization name as it appears on your 501c3 IRS Determination letter. If your name starts with a “The” please omit it or add it to the end of the name following a comma.
  2. Please use the Narrative portion of the application to fully explain your project or program. This is the section where you are able to provide the details of how this program will impact our community, who will be involved and how it will be carried out.
  3. If your use of funds is for salary make sure you elaborate on why this is important to the program and how you expect to sustain the salary after the grant funds run out. In your narrative you can get into the details of the program and why the salary is an integral part of the program service. The Community Foundation usually does not fund salaries but if you can show significant community impact from the salary we would be more inclined to consider it.
  4. Start your application early. We know how busy you all are and if you delay starting your application you may miss out all together. Starting your application the week it is due or even the day it is due is not good planning especially with the financial reporting that is required. The application will close at 3 PM on Monday, June 1.
  5. If your 501c-3 is under a large national nonprofit umbrella, you should submit financials related to your local chapter to help us better understand how your organization operates locally, funding for your programs on a local scale and how your dollars impact your programs locally. Use the narrative to help us understand your local impact better.
  6. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with the application or have questions about filling it out. We are here to help you.