Whitefish Community Foundation | Micro Grant Awarded to Project Whitefish Kids
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Micro Grant Awarded to Project Whitefish Kids

Micro Grant Awarded to Project Whitefish Kids

Micro grant program helps with lawnmower repair

Through its immediate micro grant program, the Whitefish Community Foundation recently awarded $1,000 to Project Whitefish Kids, and helped secure additional donor advised funds to help pay for part of a major lawnmower repair.

This micro grant program is available to all nonprofits who have an unexpected and immediate need for funds that may fall out of our usual grant program. Micro grant requests must be no more than $1,000 and are reviewed monthly.

For more information on how to apply for a micro grant, click here.

Project Whitefish Kids handles the maintenance of the Smith Youth Sports park through private donations. This includes all repairs on implements such as lawn mowers. The park is 60 acres and this requires a large mower to accomplish mowing needs. Currently, the mower is in need of major repair and is unavailable for use. Keeping up with the demand of the upcoming growing season will be nearly impossible unless the repair is made.

“The Whitefish Community Foundation has been instrumental in assisting PWK with much needed funds to maintain a safe, aesthetically pleasing park, that kids can play and families enjoy. It is a facility that all of Whitefish can be proud because so many in our community are invested in it.” states Don Bestwick, President of Project Whitefish Kids.

The board of PWK thanks our community and the wonderful work and support of the Whitefish Community Foundation.