Whitefish Community Foundation | Immediate Micro Grants Assist Nonprofits with Unexpected Expenses
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Immediate Micro Grants Assist Nonprofits with Unexpected Expenses

The Whitefish Community Foundation’s Immediate Micro Grant program has assisted the serious needs of three organizations recently. Glacier Symphony, North Valley Music School and the Hockaday Museum of Art all benefited by the new Immediate Micro Grant Program that helps nonprofits with immediate, unexpected and emergency needs. This program is designed to award smaller grants that are expedited and reviewed on a monthly basis.
In June, the Glacier Symphony and Chorale lost their lease and needed to locate new space and move their office. This situation arose as the staff was in the midst of organizing Festival Amadeus and the move needed to happen quickly and efficiently. The costs of moving, new signage and a new phone system were not budgeted for this year and financial assistance had to be secured rapidly. The Symphony applied for a $1000 Immediate Micro Grant from the Foundation and soon had that money in hand to help cover their moving costs.
The North Valley Music School discovered lead paint on the walls in their front entry room. This lead paint was a health hazard for the many students who are in and out of the building each day. The school hoped to be able to remove the paint during the summer break while student classes were not in session. The Foundation’s Executive Committee approved the Music School’s $1000 grant request in early July so that the work could be completed.
Late this summer, the Hockaday Museum of Art discovered that their elevator needed major repairs when members of its staff found themselves trapped in the elevator. The cost to replace the hydraulic valves will run over $9,000, a number that is not available in the Museum’s annual budget. The elevator receives constant use for the Senior Tour and Tea, students visiting on school tours, mothers with strollers and doubles as a freight elevator for traveling exhibitions. Without the elevator in use, many community members and visitors will not be able to take full advantage of the Museum. The Museum applied for and was granted an Immediate Micro Grant of $1,000 to help the fundraising efforts for this repair project.
The Immediate Micro Grants program is available to nonprofits who have unexpected needs. These grant requests can be submitted any time during the year and are reviewed each month by the Executive Committee. Instructions and application forms are available online.