Whitefish Community Foundation | Great Fish Nonprofit Spotlight: Environmental and Civic Groups
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Great Fish Nonprofit Spotlight: Environmental and Civic Groups

Great Fish Nonprofit Spotlight: Environmental and Civic Groups

These Great Fish nonprofits deliver programs and services that enrich our environment and our community.

Environmental Groups

Nourish The Flathead:  Also called Farm Hands, Nourish The Flathead’s goal is to connect local people to working lands.  They focus on increasing good food access, supporting food security programs, and youth empowerment.  They are raising funds through the Great Fish Community Challenge to provide all Whitefish school students, all North Valley Food Bank and all Shepherd’s Hand clients coupons to buy locally grown vegetables and meats at Farmers Market.

Whitefish Lake Institute:  Whitefish Lake Institute is committed to science, education and community stewardship to protect and improve Whitefish Lake watershed resources today, while providing a collective vision for tomorrow.  Funds raised through the Great Fish will help deliver programs that engage and educate local citizens, provide water quality data to help citizens and resource managers make informed resource management and conservation decisions.

Whitefish Legacy Partners:
 Whitefish Legacy Partners’ community-minded vision is to ensure conservation, recreation and education on the lands around Whitefish for future generations.  They will use Challenge funds to support multiple initiatives to pursue conservation projects, offer education programs, and grow the Whitefish Trail to connect community to places worth protecting.

Civic Groups

Whitefish Firefighters Association:
  The Whitefish Firefighters Association supports the Whitefish Fire Department in protecting the lives and property of our community through education, fire code compliance, and emergency incident response.  Their Great Fish funds will be used to purchase heart monitors and vital equipment for the ambulances, tablets for incident reporting, pagers to contact firefighters and a thermal imaging camera to locate fires.

Whitefish Library Association:
 Whitefish Library Association’s goal is to enrich the quality of life in Whitefish by fostering the growth and success of the library.  The organization plans to use their Challenge funds to offer programs and events that bring the tradition of amazing writers to life in Whitefish.