Whitefish Community Foundation | Great Fish Challenge – Instant Grant Winners
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Great Fish Challenge – Instant Grant Winners

Great Fish Challenge – Instant Grant Winners

Special Incentive Grants to Participating Nonprofits

Each week during the Great Fish Community Challenge, one lucky nonprofit will be drawn by a sponsoring business to receive a Great Fish Instant Grant award of $250.

You can help your favorite charity earn Incentive Grants by donating early in the campaign. The nonprofit that raises the most money by August 16 will earn a $1,000 incentive Grant. And, the nonprofit that has the most donors (number of donors) will earn a $1,000 Incentive Grant. We plan to have a good time with this campaign while benefiting our hard working nonprofits. Don’t wait to make your donation. Donate now to help your nonprofits raise even more money.

Thank you to our corporate sponsors!

2016 Instant Grant Winners:

Check back for updates.

JCCS CPAs Whitefish Legacy Partners Photo

July 22nd: Whitefish Legacy Partners sponsored by JCCS CPAs

First Interstate Bank Photo ?

July 15th: Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation sponsored by First Interstate Bank