Great Fish Community Challenge

GreatFishSmallThe Great Fish Community Challenge, which, after its first two years in action, has become an efficient and essential fundraising campaign that is building the sustainability of our local nonprofits. The Challenge was founded in 2015 by the Whitefish Community Foundation as a charitable giving campaign. It promotes a giving season in Whitefish by offering a participating nonprofits a challenge to earn a matching grant. In 2016, the Challenge helped 40 nonprofits raise over $1.4 million including the match of $322,000.

The 2017 Great Fish Community Challenge will run from July 20 – September 15, 2017 and benefit 45 local nonprofits.  The Great Fish Fun/Color Run will be held September 9.

You can help set the pace for a successful 2017 Challenge by donating to the Great Fish Match Fund now. The Whitefish Community Foundation will start the match fund with $200,000. As gifts are made to the Great Fish Challenge Match Fund the matching dollars will grow to provide a bigger incentive for people to give to their charities through the Challenge. Help us grow the match and inspire our community to give!

Donate Now to the Great Fish Challenge Match Fund 

The Challenge will officially launch on July 20th. We make it easy to make a donation to your favorite nonprofits through the Great Fish Community Challenge.  You can be confident that 100% of your donation will go to your designated nonprofits and you will maximize your contribution by earning your favorite charities a matching grant on a percentage of your donation.

Nonprofits interested in participating in the 2017 Challenge click here. 

2016 Great Fish Challenge Results

2016 Nonprofit Use of Funds

The Great Fish Community Challenge is organized by the Whitefish Community Foundation. The Foundation covers all the costs of the Challenge for the participating charities including credit card fees, advertising, marketing, and so much more. The idea is to bring awareness to the participating nonprofits and the programs they provide to benefit the Whitefish community.