Applying for the 2018 Great Fish Community Challenge

Greetings Nonprofits,

Interest in the 2018 Great Fish Community Challenge is building. Applications are now available online and must be completed by February 28, 2018. We anticipate that most, if not all, of the nonprofits that have participated in the past will apply. We also know that many nonprofits will be applying for the first time. Past participation in previous Great Fish Challenges, grant reports showing how dollars raised were actually used, and level of involvement in the Great Fish campaign are all considered. It is a competitive process and all applications will be reviewed by the Whitefish Community Foundation Grants Committee.

An important note as you prepare your application is your “Use of Funds Statement.” Non-profits with projects or programs that will most clearly positively impact our community will be prioritized. It is critical that you convey the importance and need for which you are raising funds. The Grants Committee looks closely at each project or program and evaluates them on a need vs. want basis.

The Great Fish Challenge is more than a platform for non-profits to raise money and awareness. Last year the maximum matching grant from the Foundation was $9,600 which is significant to say the least. The funds in the matching pool come from donations to the Foundation, in large part from the Circle of Giving. The Grants Committee has the added responsibility of taking into consideration each of those donors, and of ensuring that donated money to the match pool of the Challenge is used wisely. Each and every donation to the match is important. We need to maintain and grow the match pool as we expand the number of participating nonprofits. We cannot afford to lose any one of our donors by including programs or projects that may be perceived as political or controversial in nature. Our goal is to positively impact the whole of our community while respecting our donor base.

We work very hard to connect our donors with the needs of the many nonprofits in our community. It is your job, as you complete the 2018 Great Fish Challenge application, to convey the importance of the program or project for which you are raising funds.

Remember, online applications for participation in the 2018 Great Fish Challenge are due February 28, 2018 by 4 PM. Do not wait until the last day to submit your application. Call us with any questions you may have.

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