Whitefish Community Foundation | Sustainable Funding For Your Organization
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Sustainable Funding For Your Organization

Nonprofit organizations are able to establish a permanent endowment fund at the Whitefish Community Foundation to help build essential program funding.  These funds offer the nonprofits a simple and efficient way to work with donors to build a sustainable source of funding for their organization.  The Whitefish Community Foundation will help nonprofit organizations with planning, investing and administering their endowment fund and help donors take advantage of the Montana Charitable Endowment Tax Credit available to help build endowment funds. An annual grant distribution is made to their organization from the endowment fund earnings.

Ongoing Annual Support for your Organization

With an initial contribution of $15,000* in cash or appreciated assets, you create an endowed fund that demonstrates a long-term commitment to the community and foresight to stabilize your organization’s future sustainability. Learn more and review endowment guidelines: Agency Endowment Package 2015

• Receive up to 5% of the net asset balance as annual revenue to support your operational expenses.

• Receive an annual statement.

• Monitor account activity online and review donations that have come into your fund.

• Donors can contribute to the account directly and we handle all necessary tax receipts for your organization.

•Benefit from the investment savings of being in a larger investment pool

•Enjoy a very low fund management fee of 1% (.5% for larger funds over $1 Million) and our investment management expertise

•Benefit from the Community Foundation’s planned giving program and your donors will be able to take advantage of the Montana Endowment Tax Credit to help build your organizations permanent endowment fund

•Leave the job of managing your endowment according to the Montana code of the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act up to the expertise of the Whitefish Community Foundation

• Take advantage of the Whitefish Community Foundation’s Endowment Challenge Grant Program to help build your endowment through a three tiered matching grant program

Receive Planned Giving Services and Expertise

• The Whitefish Community Foundation is able to help your donors take advantage of the Montana Endowment Tax Credit through a planned gift to benefit your qualified endowment fund. We are registered with the State of Montana to administer charitable gift annuities

• We can support your development staff with planned giving expertise

• Accompanying you in donor meetings to offer any technical expertise (WCF does not solicit gifts from donors on behalf of any other organization.)

• The Community Foundation can serve as a depository for donors’ planned gifts. Some donors may be inclined to utilize a Whitefish Community Foundation account in their estate planning by setting up a designated endowment fund to benefit your organization.

For more information, contact us at 406-863-1781.