Whitefish Community Foundation | 2015 Community Grant Application
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2015 Community Grant Application

2015 Community Grant Application

Grant Application Now Available Online

The annual Community Grant Program application is now available online for nonprofit organizations to complete and submit.  Applications are due by 3:00 p.m. on June 1.

The Community Grant Program has not changed and nonprofits can apply for up to $6,000 in funding. A revised online application has been implemented this year that will make it much easier to navigate the application and answer the questions.

All organizations will be required to select a NEW username and password.  The registration and access is instant and you may begin the application process immediately after registering.

Save the link to access the application or you can enter it each time through the same link on the Foundation website.  You can save and close the application to come back to it and continue working, but once you submit the application it is final.

Before you start the application, please take a few minutes to read the 2015 Grant Application Guidelines to fully understand the procedures and evaluation process.

Please contact Linda Engh-Grady at 863-1781 if you have any questions throughout this process.