Nonprofit Potpourri Workshop Follow Up

2014 Workshop

The 2014 Nonprofit Potpourri Workshop was well attended by 60 staff and board members of our local nonprofit organizations.  Attendees received a brush up on bookkeeping for nonprofits, presented by the Foundation’s Controller Daria Perez.  She offered to post a copy of her Presentation Slides, a template of Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual for organizations to use as a guide  well as checklist for Segregation of Duties.  She has also created a list of Helpful Resources. We hope you found this information useful and will be able to put into practice some of the ideas presented.

Linda Engh-Grady walked the group through the new online grant application and there were questions of Linda and the Co- Chairs of the Community Grants Committee, Ardy Whistler and Doug Reed.  The request was made to have a word document of the Grant Application available to use to type the application and then copy/paste the text into the online application.  Remember that this is for preparation only, all grant applications must be submitted online.  Grant applications are due at 3:00 pm on Friday, May 30, 2014.

Linda Engh-Grady of the Whitefish Community Foundation and Tony Vanorny, CPA of JCCS provided information about Endowment Funds and the Accounting for Endowment Funds.  Both are available for phone calls or email if you need additional information about Endowment Funds.